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Apr 19 2012

NBK Complaint Update

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla

Wanted to update all of you on my previous issue with NBK click HERE to read my previous post. As soon as i posted my article NBK Twitter account contacted me to get more details about what happened and after few hours after they got my info. First i got an apology from them, secondly i got a good explanation about my Master Card.

It turned out that Master Card canceled the prepaid cards renewal and NBK’s call center got updated by that info to inform their clients but in my case it was a simple mistake not informing me. I really was satisfied with the service im getting & how they took my complaint and acted upon it to correct it thats what really makes NBK different coz the main reason i opened an account in NBK is coz i knew they really care about their clients.


At the end Special Thanks to NBK customer service & Lujain in specific.


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Apr 16 2012

@NBKPage Horrible Customer Service

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla

I’m so pissed off on how awful the customer service have become in NBK, I used to like how they always took care of their clients and have their the best customer support but frankly it’s the case for the past year.

Ok let me just summarize the latest story that happened to me, 1 Month ago my MasterCard expired and as always I was waiting for my new card to arrive 1 week 2 weeks hmmmm 3 weeks, 4 weeks and still nothing so I called their call center to ask about it and the guy that answered me told he that it’s ready inshallah in the next 2 days and I can pick it up if I want from the branch if I want but I have to call to make sure first.

4 days have passed and nothing happened coz 2 days were a weekend so I’m not mad yet, I decided to call the call center and ask if it’s ready or not coz I wanna pick it up. The girl who answered me told me that there was no renewal process for this card & there never was in the begining. HOW COME THE FIRST GUY TOLD ME OTHERWISE !!!!!!!!

Anyway I went directly to the bank and after explaining my problem to the customer service employee and I asked why you didn’t even inform me on such thing she didn’t have any answer except telling me that I can order another card now from her or I would have to meet the branch manager.

طبعا الاخت كانت نفسيتها مو طبيعية

(اخوي ممكن تنطر برا و تقابل مدير الفرع )

أنزين منو المدير وينه عادي مالها خلق

ملاحظة أنا للحين كنت هادي

Any way I met the branch manager and he informed me that there is some kind of mistake that my Master Card didn’t get renewed so he send an email to NBK Customer Care for explanation, and supposedly they will call me to explain the mistake that happened. Of course he offered me that i can order a new one at the moment but i didnt agree until i find a good explanation and apology if necessary.


Now its been 1 week without any explanation or call from customer care or anything just plain silence, is that how NBK treats his clients now !!!!!!!

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