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Jun 21 2012

Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

by Mohd in News, Technology

Yesterday marked the preview of Windows 8 for mobile & of course the never ending war between Apple & Microsoft. Microsoft trying to take on Siri with their newest voice recognition software & no matter how hard i try to make myself believe that Windows could make a comeback the thought of errors and lags never left my mind. Check out the video and you will definitely know how Microsoft Siri embarrassed then by not responding to the first voice command






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May 30 2012

iPhone 5 !!!

by Mohd in News, Technology

Could this be the new iPhone or the iPhone 5 !!!!

I really hope it’s not coz it’s looks so damn ugly and not revolutionary. Some leaked images surfaced last night for the famous 9To5Mac for more details and pics click HERE


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May 28 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mania


You all have been reading and hearing about the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 but this is not a review or how i got my Galaxy S3 kind of post but im just so annoyed on how people are acting here in K-Town & even GCC about the S3 and the mania associated with it.

The fact that the Galaxy S3 is a great device doesnt have to do with people racing to mobile retail store or telecommunication companies and wait in line for hours at least just to get their hands on it. I mean i was so shocked by the number of people waiting in line & running from place to place just to buy the S 3.

Most of us have an iPhone or an Android device or a Blackberry if not 2 devices at once so why all the madness people !!

I cant think of a logical reason for someone who went to a mobile retail shop in Sharq and bought the Galaxy S3 for 250 KD or even more all because he could not find it in another place.

You all know how much i adore gadgets but i would never run around looking for something that i can have anytime for a good price.

Have you ever stopped for a minute and watched people rushing in stores to buy something that its not that important ?

Have we reached a point in life were all that matters to us are just material things or dont we have nothing else to care about or look forward to other than buying and owning a device?

 Have we reached a point in life were all the sense of achievement we could have is by buying something that just got released so we can be the first to brag about it ?


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May 13 2012

Diablo III

by Mohd in Games, News

If you are a gamer or either casual or hardcore you must’ve heard of Diablo III. Diablo 3 comes from the creator of the more than famous World Of Warcraft & of course Diablo 1&2. I wont talk much about the game but its something to look forward to especially coz its gonna be released in the upcoming few days.

So if you dont have any idea about Diablo or you are not excited yet you gotta watch the video below inorder to know what you might be missing 🙂

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May 07 2012

Lets Steal @f2odesigns

Its not the first case of coping and stealing designs from a successful business and claiming its their own. This time the victim is f2o Designs and what really pisses me off is the way that copycat confronted others that its ok for him to just download f2o Designs pics and sell them for a cheaper price, he didnt even have the courtesy to apologize or keep quite about it & attacking anyone who confronts him with the truth.

Its always a risk for any business that someone could come and just copy their design, products or service and offer them to the public as if its their own & its not gonna be the last case in my opinion coz basically we dont have a law system that deals with such freaks ( you might say we have but its all ink on old paper ) nothing happens coz we live in Kuwait


For more details on the story you may check  PinkGirlQ8  DustyRoses  OwlOlive Swera Elderwaza His&Hers  & Danderma.

Special Thanks to Danderma for spreading the word

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May 03 2012

@CinescapeQ8 This WeekEnd

by Mohd in Kuwait, Movies

Its not a weekend without a good movie to watch so in case you are wondering which movie you should go to i would highly recommend The Avengers for Action lovers, The Lucky One for the Romantic seekers and of course Mirror Mirror for the whole family.

Have a nice weekend everybody 🙂

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Apr 08 2012

Media Boss

by Q8 Blend Family in Ads, Blog

New blog / website dedicated to to deliver marketing knowledge to the comfort of your palms. Of course the master mind behind The Media Boss is Khalid Al-Zanki you might know him as the crusher 🙂 from Crush It event last year. Give him a click HERE or HERE or HERE 🙂


THE MEDIA BOSS’s mission is to educate, empower, entertain and inspire people by spreading knowledge of marketing and technology.


Khalid Al-Zanki founded THE MEDIA BOSS in 2012. His passion for sharing how marketing and technology were transforming businesses, companies, human interactions, influencing behavior and reshaping cultures motivated him to create what would become THE MEDIA BOSS.

THE MEDIA BOSS is a division of ALZANKI ENTERPRISES, which is located in Kuwait City.

Statement on Ethics

THE MEDIA BOSS blog is committed to covering marketing campaigns and launches in all companies and individuals fairly and without bias. Our editorial team are prohibited from writing about companies and/or individuals where they have personal relationships or financial interests. As part of the ethical guidelines, contributors do not accept gifts & freebies. Coverage is not influenced by advertisers; and advertising and supported content are clearly identified as such.

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