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Apr 01 2012

BYRON – Proper Hamburgers

by Abdul-Aziz in Food, Travel

Well well well, finally we got the chance to try out this well known gourmet Burgers place “BYRON”

while trying any new burger place i stick to the classic burger, i think tasting the burger naked “Meat” flavor can make you judge a burger better “am a meat lover indeed”

this branch is newly opened  in Soho, i liked how the building is whole glass, it feels like you are eating on the walkway & the sun can find it way to your table easily.

the seating area was nice & tidy

the menu is kinda basic & easy to browse; burgers, sides, salads & desserts

we had green olives while waiting for the Burgers. Nothing complimentary, those olives costs approximately 2 KD “london prices on fire, Baby” ;P

 The Burgers was well presented, holding up all together & the bun is soft and Fresh

thats the BYRON sauce to the side. It should be eaten with the burger but we ate it with the fries instead “seems like mayonaise based sauce”

the Apricot salad which was nice, only thing is the apricot is a little undercooked

Bottom line : it was nice but i preferred GBK over BYRON. Maybe it’s my taste buds whats defected these days, but all i could say is: it was “OK” ,,,  & in my dictionary OK means Maybe just MAYBE am going back for re-try

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Mar 12 2012

“Jag Är Zlatan Ibrahimovic” Autobiography

by Abdul-Aziz in Books, Celebrities, Football

“Jag Är Zlatan Ibrahimovic” Autobiography

So i just spent every spare time in the last two days reading this 300 pages book for a football player autobiography; Jag Är Zlatan Ibrahimovic (in Swedish) means: I AM ZLATAN. tried to stop reading but i simply couldn’t “the story just kept pulling me back to it”

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Dec 25 2011

Is Wishing “Merry Christmas” forbidden (HARAM) in Islam ??

by Abdul-Aziz in Events, Kuwait

Is Wishing “Merry Christmas” forbidden (HARAM) in Islam ??

Muslims have very different opinions about wishing someone “Merry Christmas”. Some of them believe it is OK to do so, while some others see it differently. The former group base their opinion on the spirit of religious tolerance & effect on our “Imaan” and the opposite group consider it harmful for the religion.

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