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Mar 18 2012

Signor Sassi – London

by MiMi in Food, Travel

Most of people who have been to London passed by Signor Sassi.. One of the famous Italian restaurants there.. This is our second visit to it..
On my first visit I was expecting a fancy place according on the strong recommendation I’ve heard.. but when I stepped into the restaurant I was thinking mmm.. it’s just fine 😛 check out the place..

To be honest I can not recall what we ate on our first visit.. all what we remember that people overrated the place.. coz the food was nice nothing more.. nothing less.. and the decoration was old fashioned 😛

 I know u might ask why we went there again.. well that’s why:

Their welcoming OLIVES 😀

This is the most delicious olives I’ve ever tried.. the green olives doesn’t have a bitter taste at all 🙂

 The funny thing is that this is an Italian restaurant that doesn’t serve PIZZA!

So here’s what we had that day..

A Green Salad

 Bruschetta with basil and giant tomato.. they really needed to chop their tomatoes more

 Eggplant Parmigiana.. was outstanding 😀 definitely will have it again on my next visit

Penne Arrabiata.. Was yummy too

And that’s all.. if u wanna try it some day.. u need to place a call to reserve.. u’ll find them here:

Knightsbridge Green London

14 Knightsbridge Green


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7584 2277


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