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Sep 20 2011

Mic & 6alal Coming Back

by Mohd in Events

Mic & 6alal Coming Back

Yesterday we had a chance to attend the press conference of the new upcoming hit radio show in town (القايلة). Why I’m saying its a hit, the main reason coz its gonna be hosted by my all time favorite radio stars 6alal AlYagoot & Mic Embalta3.

 ALGAYLA (القايلة) gonna start airing on (103.7 FM) October 2nd from 1 to 3 PM which I believe is the perfect timing for those on a lunch break or the ones who r driving home. Expect a great mix of various subjects while listening to ALGAYLA, even bloggers will get a chance to participate in the discussion 🙂

ALGAYLA is sponsored by VIVA the company that supports a lot of the great creative ideas in K-Town.

Also BAYAN Dental is also sponsoring ALGAYLA.

Special Thank for Mic Embalta3 & SENYAR for the invitation.

Finally we wish Mic & 6alal the best of luck on their new hit show & I can’t wait for the show to start 🙂

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