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Apr 22 2013

Dont Miss Bioshock Infinite

by Mohd in Games, Technology

Its been a while since I’ve reviewed a game, so many great games have been released since the beginning of 2013, I couldn’t find the time to sink myself into their worlds, sometimes I wish a day consists of 36 hours so I may finish all the stuff needed to be done. I couldnt resist getting my hands on Bioshock Infinite 2 weeks ago. Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider were calling me when I was buying Bioshock but I held my hands over my ears, I know I wont have time to play them all, I had to pull myself away running away from the voices in my head screaming Dead Spaaaaaaace :-p

Any way back to Bioshock its a first person shooter with an extraordinary story, if you are unfamiliar with the Bioshock series then your missing alot especially if you enjoy deep video game stories. The story is so mind twisting I dare you if you can stop thinking about it even when you turn off your console.

The story takes place in the state of Columbia not Rapture as the first 2 Bioshock games (if you played Bioshock 1&2 you will know Rapture) supposedly its 1920 with a steampunk theme. The visuals and graphics are amazing but the way they developed this steampunk era was more than amazing actually its mind blowing somehow I wish that that era really existed.

The story is so intriguing  a weird BLEND  :-p  that would keep you looking for the truth and whats the reason behind all of this.  Gameplay not as hard as previous Bioshock games you duel guns and magic plus Elizabeth will help you during battle, dont ask me who is Elizabeth you have to know that by yourself.

Now go buy Bioshock Im 100% sure that its gonna be 2013 game of the year, if you get the PS3 version i would highly recommend getting the included Bioshock 1 bonus.



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Apr 18 2013

Movies This WeekEnd At Grand Cinemas

by Mohd in Kuwait, Movies

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Mar 28 2013

Grand Cinemas This WeekEnd

by Mohd in Ads, Kuwait, Movies


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Mar 21 2013

Cinescape This WeekEnd

20130321-030351 PM.jpg

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Mar 20 2013

How Many Idiots Can You Spot While Driving ???

by Mohd in Kuwait

How many traffic violators you may spot in 15 minutes ?

A couple of days ago I was stuck in traffic and as usual many idiots started using the Highway’s Safe lane to avoid wasting their precious time. It became an every day scene watching those freaks passing by the safe lane inorder to avoid traffic, those idiots are not more important than me and i can even bet you they dont have anything important to make them use the safe lane or their time in not more valuable than mine but I respect the road and others and it pisses me off just watching them stampede next to me.  So in a 15 minute traffic which is not that big a deal I started taking pics of them just to know how many idiots can pass by me so feed your eyes and watching how many dumba**es I found.

So what do you think & How many traffic violators you may spot in 15 minutes ???

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Mar 18 2013

B7aar A New Website In K-Town

by Mohd in Ads, Kuwait


B7aar is a new website specialized in marine sports and equipments. They also offer fishing & diving trips.

Its been along time since I went for a finishing trip with the guys so I might try B7aar soon, so incase you are searching for some sea adventure or wanna sell or buy marine equipment pay them a visit.

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Mar 13 2013

Blogging Like A مدون

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla

فيديو تقرير شامل عن احداث الحدود العراقية الكويتية

فيديو سقوط نيزك في روسيا تقرير مفصل بالعربي





And they say blogging is hard Huhhhh.

All the videos above were taken from botamba and i hope you all understood what Im pointing at. At the end a Special thanks to all the Modawenen for ruining blogging and posting Videos from YouTube as if we dont know how to go to YouTube. 

Any One else out there are bothered by all of those YouTube Vids ??????



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