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Mar 07 2013

Kuwait’s Cheesy Radio Shows & How To Avoid It

by Mohd in Info, Kuwait, Technology, Tips

We have all been there, driving in own car stuck in traffic fed up with listening to music and maybe looking for something more informative to listen to and feed our mind while wasting those minutes. We waste precious minutes of our lives driving, waiting inline, waiting for a friend to arrive, many minutes through the day get wasted and the first thing anyone does to waste time especially when driving is to turn on their radio and  start listening to some kind of horrible radio show no matter whether they like it or not and frankly between all the radio shows we have here in Kuwait I can only name a couple that really worth listening to, some are funny and some are just discussing whats going on in Q8 and the rest are cheesy horrible shows that should get banned. So what if you wanted to listen to a show talking about a specific topic that may intriguer your interest Technology, engineering, marketing or even just a video game show we dont really have this kind of shows, not to mention those horrible cheesy radio commercials that are all preformed by one guy who is always amazed and shocked by the latest offer from X company and the typical woman talking to her friend about X company offer. OMG those ads are so freaken horrible.

I know I went off topic with those ads but the solution that i was surprised many dont know is called Podcast, Podcast is a prerecorded radio shows inorder for you to get the latest news, reviews, general talk or even professional analysis of a certain topic some famous networks have their own podcasts like CNN, ESPN, Engadget, and many other. The purpose of a podcast is to feed your mind by listening to something that interests you or even entertains you in your own time you just download or even stream the episode to your mobile/laptop/iPod and listen to it whenever suits you. Ive been a podcast listener for 3 years now and Im so surprised that some dont even know what it is so i had to at least try to explain it in this post.

Many podcast apps are available in the Apple Store, Google Play Store & Blackberry World Store so to help you out and not make this post long I’ll mention my favorite Apps that I personally use and the same thing apply to all of them just open the app search for a certain topic that you like Football, Technology, Fashion or search for a certain network like CNN  and add it to your list and listening.

My favorite apps PocketCasts available on iOS and Android & if you are using Blackberry Z10 try Nobex and AntennaPod.


Do you agree with me that most of our radio shows are just cheesy and not worth listening to ????





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Sep 20 2011

Mic & 6alal Coming Back

by Mohd in Events

Mic & 6alal Coming Back

Yesterday we had a chance to attend the press conference of the new upcoming hit radio show in town (القايلة). Why I’m saying its a hit, the main reason coz its gonna be hosted by my all time favorite radio stars 6alal AlYagoot & Mic Embalta3.

 ALGAYLA (القايلة) gonna start airing on (103.7 FM) October 2nd from 1 to 3 PM which I believe is the perfect timing for those on a lunch break or the ones who r driving home. Expect a great mix of various subjects while listening to ALGAYLA, even bloggers will get a chance to participate in the discussion 🙂

ALGAYLA is sponsored by VIVA the company that supports a lot of the great creative ideas in K-Town.

Also BAYAN Dental is also sponsoring ALGAYLA.

Special Thank for Mic Embalta3 & SENYAR for the invitation.

Finally we wish Mic & 6alal the best of luck on their new hit show & I can’t wait for the show to start 🙂

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