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Dec 30 2012

Best Of 2012

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Blog

Best of 2012

We are approaching the end of 2012 and I wanted to do a post about the best of 2012 but after thinking of all the good gadgets & products that were revealed this year I couldn’t fit all the things in one post, so i came into the conclusion of making a series of posts highlighting the best of each category or at least what i think may interest you. The list is gonna be based mainly of my personal opinion & experience not copied from Mashable or Engadget or even LifeHacker.

All in all at the end of this year I would just like to thank all of our readers for the support and wish that 2013 brings you more success, prosperity & happiness

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Feb 19 2012




We got into an argument yesterday with one of our friends coz he refused to let us tip the restaurant’s waiter coz he doesnt believe in tipping. Personally i only tip if i get a good service no matter where i am & the amount of tip actually depends on

What Do You Think ?

Jul 25 2011

Chillis Increasing Their Prices

by Mohd in Food

Chillis Increasing Their Prices


One of my friends went to Chillis yesterday, usually he orders the same plates. When the bill came he discovered that they r adding a service charge to his bill plus they increased their prices by 25%. Didn’t they ban the service charge in Q8 few years ago ???!!!!!!!!!

Check the bill below my friend wrote the old prices next to the new ones.


Why every thing here in Kuwait is so expensive ????

We r gonna check with The Consumer Protection Association about the service charge & the price increases & we’ll see what happens after that.

Special thanks to Mohd A.A

What Do You Think ?

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