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Apr 22 2013

Dont Miss Bioshock Infinite

by Mohd in Games, Technology

Its been a while since I’ve reviewed a game, so many great games have been released since the beginning of 2013, I couldn’t find the time to sink myself into their worlds, sometimes I wish a day consists of 36 hours so I may finish all the stuff needed to be done. I couldnt resist getting my hands on Bioshock Infinite 2 weeks ago. Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 and Tomb Raider were calling me when I was buying Bioshock but I held my hands over my ears, I know I wont have time to play them all, I had to pull myself away running away from the voices in my head screaming Dead Spaaaaaaace :-p

Any way back to Bioshock its a first person shooter with an extraordinary story, if you are unfamiliar with the Bioshock series then your missing alot especially if you enjoy deep video game stories. The story is so mind twisting I dare you if you can stop thinking about it even when you turn off your console.

The story takes place in the state of Columbia not Rapture as the first 2 Bioshock games (if you played Bioshock 1&2 you will know Rapture) supposedly its 1920 with a steampunk theme. The visuals and graphics are amazing but the way they developed this steampunk era was more than amazing actually its mind blowing somehow I wish that that era really existed.

The story is so intriguing  a weird BLEND  :-p  that would keep you looking for the truth and whats the reason behind all of this.  Gameplay not as hard as previous Bioshock games you duel guns and magic plus Elizabeth will help you during battle, dont ask me who is Elizabeth you have to know that by yourself.

Now go buy Bioshock Im 100% sure that its gonna be 2013 game of the year, if you get the PS3 version i would highly recommend getting the included Bioshock 1 bonus.



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Apr 18 2012

Dark Souls Review

by Mohd in Games

From the makers of Demon Souls comes this marvelous dark gloomy game some people may consider it Demon Souls 2 but its not. If you haven’t played Demon Souls or heard about it well let me just tell you that Demon Souls WAS the Hardest game on Console & PC that of course till Dark Souls arrived, you can even find it on the package saying “Prepare to Die”.

Dark Souls is an open world dark & moody RPG game with a medevil them as you can see from the pics. You begin life as an undead body breaking free from a dark dungeon, wondering through the lands collecting souls & slashing demons and beasts along your way. The game as I mentioned before is really hard and you can not control it’s difficulty settings, basically as you go along slashing demons and collecting their souls if you die ( which gonna happen alot and alot ) you return back to the previous check point which is a bonfire and all the enemies you killed come back to life, you would have to make your way back the the place where you were killed to retrieve your souls & experience points and if you die along the way all your souls and experience points get lost forever.

The concept behind it is pretty hard and the number of enemies you are gonna face is endless. The game tests you patience and skills and it will punish you hard if you make a mistake, so don’t expect to walk around slashing enemies away, you have to plan your moves, study you enemy tactics & act upon that. This game will suck your soul & will keep you coming back for more if you are up for a good challenge and a tremendous amount of fun. I won’t deny that is pissed me off alot but really had alot of fun playing it.

I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a challenge or loves an RPG, coz if Skyrim was my favorite game of the year, Dark Souls will be my second.


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Apr 01 2012

Kingdom Of Amalur Reckoning Review

by Mohd in Games

Kingdom of amalur have been claiming that its gonna change the open world RPG genre for good, whether they did or not you would have to continue reading to know 🙂

There are alot of big names behind the development of this game, as the game begins you will instantly get the feeling that you are playing an MMO especially World Of WarCraft. Basically the game was first designed to be an MMO but they ended up making it a single player console game. Its not so bad actually infact its pretty good, i know alot of you out there are so eager to play an MMO (World Of WarCraft & Guild Wars…) but they we turned down because of the crapy combat system & that you gotta play it on a PC. I never understood how playing on a PC could be fun when using the mouse & keyboard !!!

The artistic style of the game has alot of resemblance to WOW (World Of Warcraft) the colors, the environment & even the races appearance would remind you of it & this is not bad at all in my opinion, I’ve always wanted to play WOW & actually played it for a while but didnt enjoy the combat system & that i had to be guled to me PC to play it.

The story is pretty basic nothing new in it & i wont get into alot of details you would just have to save the world from a certain race & you would have to do it alone. Its an open world RPG but it actually lacks making decisions or that a certain decision could alter your game play. The story can be a bit confusing but even if you didnt understand it fully it wont affect the game & that is one of the negative issues that i faced while playing it. Kindgom Of Amalur is competing against Skyrim, Mass Effect, Fallout & Dragon Age which are really huge names in the RPG genre & no matter which one of those you’ve played all of them had a great story to offer.

As in most RPGs you build you character the way you prefer based of course on 3 main attributes Warrior, Mage & Ruge while you can mix it up & play as Mage Ruge or a Warrior Ruge its all up to you to decide, of course im always prefer a Mage/Warrior style.

Now lets talk about what really makes this game special which is the combat system, its a bit like fighting games with so many moves & combat combination that will keep you hocked up to the game. I really had alot of fun fighting i can say that its the best combat system in any RPG game Ive ever played, i can compare it to God Of War combat system.

The amount of side quests are almost endless & will differently keep you busy and eager for more fighting. When i first began playing Kingdom of amalur i thought it will be boring but i could not get enough of it although the story is boring a bit but the fighting scenes kept me hocked up & having alot of fun.

I would highly recommend this game is you like fighting games, World Of Warcraft or just wanna have alot of fun without woring about the story. As for RPG gamers it wont hurt to give it a try but dont expect that its gonna surpass you favorite games like Skyrim, Mass Effect or Fallout.


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Mar 05 2012

Mass Effect 2 Review

by Mohd in Games

Mass Effect 2 Review

You might think its a bit late to review Mass Effect 2 but actually im only doing this for those who havent played it yet or for those who havent finished it yet, also coz Mass Effect 3 is gonna be released this month 

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Jan 29 2012

Skyrim Review

by Mohd in Games, Technology

Skyrim Review

Never been an R.P.G (Role Playing Game) game fan usually im a shooter & racing game adict but this game is totally different with all the hip surrounding it i couldnt help myself grabbing it. Read so many reviews before buying it coz usually RPG games are really long to finish & this game has a minimum play time of 100 hours if you stick to the main story & not doing any side quests. Its an open world game so you may do whatever you want whether if you wanna stick to the main story or just go on your way discovering & making your own adventures.

Bethesda is the company behind this game & they are famous for making great RPGs like Oblivion many others & all fall under the series of Elders Scrolls. No matter if you played the previous games or not you can start fresh coz every game has its own story so dont hesitate if you are a new comer like me to the Elders Scrolls series.


You start off the game creating your own character starting from choosing the race, gender & physical appearance. Each race has its own strong points but as you progress through the game you can strengthen your character in the ways you may feel suitable for your game play. I choose to be a Dark Elf coz usually i like casting spells & magic on my victims 😉


Through the game you will discover that you are what they call a Dragon Born, you have a unique gift for fighting & killing dragons who are terrifying the lands. You choose your own destiny & make your own choices, if you wanna be the bad guy no one will stop you but you have to bare the consequences of your decisions. The freedom the games gives is what really made so many non RPG fans start playing it, usually games drive you through a certain path & choices which can be pretty boring some times this is one of the main points that made me fell in love with Skyrim.

The world in the game is MASSIVE really MASSIVE you can not imagine how huge it is until you start playing it. Its my first time to play a game in this massive scale. The graphics are great & totally realistic plus you can play in first person or third person view but i prefer the first person coz it adds more realism to the game. Each character you meet through your quest have something to tell you sometimes just a simple conversation & some times they have a side quest for you. The voice acting is good but not great but put into your mind the scale we are talking about millions & millions of people, elfs & others you may run into so dont expect the game developers to get that many people for voice acting but still its good. Some of the terms you may face while talking or just in your character menu is not familiar to me like magika which means magic but you will pick it up as you go, so dont worry much if you dont know some of the terminology used in the beginning.


The gameplay is somehow simple yet it can get complicated a bit for more advance gamers. You may carry a weapon in one hand & a spell in the other or 2 weapons or even 2 spells depending on the way you choose to play & fight. Mostly i just like playing with spells like when fighting an enemy i resurrect a dead body to fight with me or just heal my body while i fight with the sword in the same time 😉


Been playing the game for the past 2 weeks & i never felt bored while playing alot of things to do & so many stuff to improve & build my character, still im not even close to finishing the main journey. Its highly addictive & the freedom it gives you is what all of Skyrim fans love about. No one will have the same experience as the other each one of us is unique in his personality, ways & decisions & the same thing applies to Skyrim. Totally recommend Skyrim for anyone out there if you like gaming or not still its an experience you wont regret but be warned Skyrim is SoOoOoOoO addictive & you wont mind falling into this sweet addiction 😉

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