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Feb 06 2013

LIFE is our Show (Queen Live Aid at Wembley, 1985)

by Abdul-Aziz in Celebrities, History, Music, Video


What so ever a ROCK fan or not you have to enjoy this, Prepare yourself for 25 minutes of awesomeNess. This music post is the longest video i’ve ever posted, but do yourself a favour and press play because it’s totally worth it. Experts in music industry said that it was the greatest live concert ever staged.

Headlines like “Queen Stole the Show” “20 Minutes that Change Music” were published in next day newspapers

Not a fan to long videos?? this is just Freddie playing with the fans in between sets

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Aug 11 2011

Chef Adla Al Sharhan

by MiMi in Food, Kuwait

Chef Adla Al Sharhan

Adla Al Sharhan is a Kuwaiti Chef who’s specialized in Classical French food, she had a master from Conrad N. Hilton College, University of Houston, which is wellknown for their excellent experts. She had a passion of the Asian food so she applies the recepies with Asian ingredients. She had a TV show on Bahry channel, and now on KTV and Wataniya TV.

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