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May 12 2013

Save #Kuwait On Instagram

by Mohd in apps, Art, Bla Bla Bla

Yesterday out of boredom I searched #kuwait on Instagram and I hope I never did. All the pics were mostly out of Google, Cheap Ads, Food or texagram ( a stupid app for sharing Notes on Instagram ). Instagram gained a huge number of Kuwaitis since it launched and I won’t be exaggerating if I assume that more people are using it than Twitter nowadays. Twitter became a feed for sharing Instagram pics, with the huge amount of instagrams out there I thought that by searching #kuwait I would have been indulged by some awesome local pics but to my disappointment now I know anyone abroad searching for some images that represent Kuwait he will have a hard time finding a decent one.

Everywhere in Kuwait there is someone either posing for an Instagram pic or holding his mobile in a weird position trying hard to get the perfect short, not to mention all of those teens walking around in malls holding their DSLRs. All of the pervious observation and I would expect finding some decent pics when searching about Kuwait.

Of course I know no one would care about saving our country’s hash tag on Instagram by posting good pics, am I the only one who noticed this !!!

Would you even care about saving #kuwait???

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Oct 26 2011

Crush it Seminar

by Mohd in Events, Internet

Crush it Seminar

Finally the day all of u and even us here at Q8 Blend been waiting for, the crush it seminar with Gary. The importance of social media and how u can brand ur self in order to grow ur business the key to all of that can be summarized in some points but of course no matter how i can describe it u need to read the book and should have attended the seminar so u may take full benefit of the knowledge to build and grow ur business.

well of course u need to have a good product or a service and then u start ur social media journey. In order to gain more customers and beat or actually CRUSH ur competitors simply u need to care more about ur customers, build a relationship between ur followers and ur company, dont be afraid of showing them that u r  a human with all ur political views and hobbies or even music passion just lets ur clients feel they r dealing with a human not just a machine. Dont just promote ur product or service, search the net on what do people care about or what issues they r facing related to ur business and start engaging with them, solve their problem make them feel that they matter to u even if they r not ur customers sooner or later people will come to u & they  r gonna be loyal customers and those r the people who will support ur business and help it grow more . So many companies spend a huge amount of money on TV commercials and printed adds while most customers or user r more into one to one service and dealing with humans rather than just reading of hearing an old fashion commercial.

People send more time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & many other social websites other than wasting their time watching commercials on TV or in the newspapers. All in all i cant tell how awesome gary was and how much useful info he gave to the one who attended the seminar and im so glad that we even had a private seminar ( Blogger & Gary ) in the morning before the official seminar began.

Finally i would like to thank Hind Al Naheth, Khalid Al Zanki & all the Sponsors of Crush It Seminar.

BTW during the break Zain & ElectroZan held a simple competition if i may call it so and gave a way some pretty good stuff for the attendees & i won with Zain 🙂 i wont say what i got & all i can say for now that its Sensational 😉 Special thank to Zain.

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Jul 31 2011

Its Time To “Crush It”

by Mohd in Events

Its Time To “Crush It”

Last Thursday We were invited to join the Crush It challenge sponsored by Burgan Bank, Zain, Cinescap, HighPro & Cinemagic.

Many blogger talked about Gary Vaynerchuk who is considered to be the social media Godfather u may click Here to read more details about gary & his best selling book. If u own a business and u wanna know how to work the social media, to attract customers and to be successful then “Crushing it” is ur key.

The seminar started with Hind Al-Naheth who is the most famous female figure in the social media in K-Town followed by Khalid Alzanki explaining what is the main concept behind crush it & why he wanted to start the crush it challenge. One problem so many businesses here in Q8 r facing is how to benefit from social media and what’s the right way to interact with their clients through social media.

Making a successful business is not only about selling ur product and making profit but its about maintaining ur customer so he/she may buy more and more of ur products which should increase ur revenue and here where the “Crush it” strategy strikes again.


i will stop here and wont say more coz more surprises r coming in the way, but all i can say is start by reading the Book it will give u a clear idea of what u r capable of through scial media. finally “Crush It” is the book im reading for our Ramadan challenge.

Special Thank goes to Hind Al-Naheth for the invitation & Burgan Bank for the Gift Card

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Jul 22 2011

App 4 Google+ Not Worth Buying

by Mohd in apps

App 4 Google+ Not Worth Buying


With all the hip surrounding the Google+ App for the iPhone I downloaded the app to discover that it’s one of the worst apps in the app store. It lags a lot, unresponsive & it does not have anything new to add. I think it’s just a cheap scam from a developer to make money using Google’s name.


All of u should know one important thing, App 4 Google+ is not developed by Google it’s by a developer called Simone Morellato. The app does not do anything except directing u to Google+ mobile site which u can easily access by going to this link on ur iPhone or iPad http://m.google.com/plus

So dont waste ur money buying it when u can access it on ur browser.

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