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Jan 03 2013

New Ubuntu Phone

by Mohd in Uncategorized


Ubuntu just announced their newest operating system for mobiles, for those unfamiliar with Ubuntu its Linux. Check the video above taking into consideration that this is an early version of the OS for developers & not so stable or responsive.

I’m really excited since they revealed it yesterday but there is only one problem, its gonna be available on 2014.

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Jul 31 2012

BlackBerry 10 Features To Look For

by Mohd in Technology

Blackberry 10 is one of the most anticipating upcoming mobile software for loyal BB users and tech addicts, and it might change the whole thing to RIM and bring it back to competition.

The videos below demonstrate some of the features on BB 10.

The below video features RIM’s answer to Siri although im not a big fan of Siri or voice command software in general coz  its pretty useless and unpractical but some of you will definitely would enjoy it. Check it out.

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