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Mar 04 2013

Nike Fuel Band Help

by Mohd in Sport, Technology

Summer is just a few weeks ahead and I know summers means less movement and more calories to keep thinking of and accumulating. The past few weeks I gained some extra kilos with all the office work and not going to the gym cause I dont have time, usually I try my best to burn those extra calories through the day. Its been an annoying thoughts that has been going though my mind, while trying to find a solution I asked myself why not try the Nike Fuel band just to have some kind of measurement to motivate me a little or at least comfort my mind if I reach my goal I know its not a magical solution to burn calories or even help you burn, its just a way to track your activity though the day & its not 100% accurate.


Did anyone try the Nike fuel & what do you think about it ???

Which color you like best (Colors above as follow Black Ice, Black or White Ice) ????


What Do You Think ?

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