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Mar 25 2012

I Hate The New iPad

by Mohd in Technology, Tips

You won’t imagine the amount of question & conversations I’ve been through about the new iPad, it’s like everyone is talking about it & thinking of buying it & some already done that even the waiter in my Gahwa & my barber asked me about the new iPad or the iPad 3 or whatever Apple is calling it.

Some of our readers even asked why didn’t I post about its release or any news about it. Well the answer is simple I absolutely hate it, don’t get my wrong I’m an Apple fan & this post your reading right now is done on an iPad 2. I’ll try to explain why but plz bare with me & set a side you emotions & Apple addiction in order to understand my point of view which probably most of you won’t agree with me.

When it fist got announced my feeling towards it could not be described, disappointed, shocked or mad are just small word to explain my thoughts towards it, it does brings some improvements to the iPad 2 still it’s not revolutionary or even close to it by any mean. The new iPad hosts a faster processor & a much improved screen compared to its predecesso, it didn’t deserve a huge event to discuss its release. Remember the amount of improvemnts between the original & iPad 2 ?

On the contrary Apple made some huge improvements on their laptop (MacBook) lines & they didn’t host an event for it just a simple update on their site & that happened a couple of times though the past couple of years.

Before you jump into the comment section & writing about the new 5 mega pixel camera & how awesome it is or that I forgot to mention it just look at this pic below & my train of thoughts will continue below it.

Plz plz plz plz & again plz don’t be that guy or girl taking pics with your iPad coz it looks so stupid use your mobile phone for GOD’s sake & save yourself from this imbaresment. Have you even encountered someone holding their iPad high to take a pic ?

Have you noticed that they look stupid ?

Any cheap mobile device would have a better camera than the iPad. So why the hell would someone use a tablet to take photos !!!!!!!

Now for the stupidest thing ever some may argue that it has a 4G LTE & it’s the next big things & some even went beyond stupidity thinking that it will be faster than the iPad 2 3G here in Kuwait. PEOPLE PLEASE 2G 3G 4G or even 5G will not make any difference coz it all depends on your mobile carrier & as I know we don’t have 4G networks yet.

That isn’t to say I think the iPad 3 is in any way a bad product. It’s probably the best tablet on the market right now, despite there being some great Android alternatives. I just think Apple could have done more on pricing, features & making it a worthwhile upgrade.

My advice which I’ve been saying it, texting it & emailing it, is simple if you own an iPad either 1 or 2 its not worth the upgrade but if you don’t own an iPad already you can go for the iPad 3 or the new iPad if you have the money but the smarter choice & what i would highly redommend is getting the iPad 2 for a bargain price.

Any one out there got convinced or even had my same thoughts or I’m the only one in K-town having these thoughts ????!!!!!


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Jan 30 2012

iPad 3 What To Expect

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Technology

iPad 3 What To Expect


If i could have 1 KD for each time ive been asked about the new iPad (iPad 3) i would be a millionaire, every body is waiting for it even when the iPad 2 got released still there was a buzz about the upcoming iPad. Any way it didnt get released yet im just summarizing some of the rumors what to expect from it from my own point of view & prediction. Apple just finished their iBook event which they are gonna revolutionize educational text book, i wont get into details of that event coz u already did read about it from other sources. Somethings are basic to expect a better more powerful processor & a retina display just like the iPhone 4 & 4S btw there was no change in the display specs between the iPad & iPad 2, so a retina display for the iPad 3 or a higher resolution one but i dont think so. The iPad 2 & 1 will have a a massive price reduction inorder to support the vision which Apple have in revolutionizing text books, inorder to make the iPad affordable for most kids they just gotta cut the price by half at least for iPad 1 & 2.

Some ipad 3 Siri feature is coz Apple is gonna push Siri more & more, im an Apple fan & i dont deny it but Siri is just a dump software in my personal opinion really never felt it was something new or out of this world, i remember when there voice commands were introduced to Nokia mobile early 2000 & people were so happy about it showing to their friends ( Hay look i can speak the name i wanna call & it will dial it for me ) he/she presses the call button & says ( Call Ahmed ) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM the mobile doesnt do anything looooool i remember how much i used to laugh on this feature it was epic 🙂


When to expect an iPad 3 event, most rumors are speculating by the end of February, so if you were thinking of buying an iPad before Feb you better wait.

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Oct 02 2011

Kindle Models Comparison

by Mohd in Technology

Kindle Models Comparison

Amazon’s latest tab/reader have been swipping the net some r suggestion thats its gonna be an iPad killer ( No WAY) or a feriece competitor to the Galaxy Tab (Again NO WAY ).  I wanted to clear things up and since im getting alot of questions about it especially during the last weekend im making this simple post so i dont have to repeat myself evertime someone is asking me about it.


First of all people should know that Kindle Fire is an e-reader which got revamped to become a Tablet which i believe is a huge plus for it in my opinion. Its not a full Android tablet so u cant download Apps through the Android Market app its has the Amazon Market app built into it so not all of the android apps will be included in Amazon’s market.

For more spec details & pricing check Jacqui‘s post HERE

If u already decided to buy a Kindle but still hesitated on which model u should get well u may want to check the pic below for

Is the Kindle made for u ?

Now if u r comparing between Kindle Fire & other Android Tablets well ur totally mistaken. Kindle fire is most suitable for those who love reading and Amazon customers of course coz as i mentioned earlier its an E-Brook Reader with some mods. Unfortunately we live in a world (Arab World) where reading is facing extinction & most people just waste their times watching funny clips on YouTube and reading Funny BroadCasts so its not aimed for Arabs in general.

If u love reading, always on the go and ur only need is to browse the net & use some simple Apps the Kindle is ur unicorn so go and get it 🙂

Comparison Pic from LifeHacker 




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