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May 16 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Gear

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla, Movies

Found this survival gear guide while browsing the web yesterday.

Our fears & fantasies have changed over the years. When thinking of zombie apocalypses, I too often think of what the world would look like. Is it worth surviving if you are in a constant state of fear like many of the Zombie movies and TV shows present characters in these situations? How would you remain hopeful in a situation that seems so hopeless? It seems the scariest thing to me about zombies is not that you have a chance of your brain being ripped out and torn to shreds by chomping teeth, but rather knowing a person you may have known is now that flesh eating zombie who has nothing human about them left. For me, the scariest thing about a zombie outbreak would be seeing the people I know and love turn into something without any humanity, something without life.

So be fully prepared to defend your own Humanity


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Mar 11 2013

Iwish Reality Show Failure

Iwish simply the most annoying reality show you might ever come across in the arab world. I didnt get a chance to actually write about it cause each time i try to watch an episode it drives me mad, how shallow, untalented the participants are not to mention some of the judges.

We live in a community were the more you act like an expert even if you words doesnt make any sense the more follower you gain and if you throw an english sentence now and then in your conversation you are a sophisticated intelligent person even if you dont have the right accent. Im not denying that we have some talents here is kuwait but they are all over whelmed by the actors and shallow idiots around them.

Let me start by talking about 52 degrees a business that claims supporting youth and young talents while infact they are just feeding on their blood. Have you ever passed by 52 degrees?
I believe most of us have done that and ended up regretting it, just walking around their show room 90% of the products are way over rated, stolen designs or even freaken ugly and not even worth looking at not to mention the catastrophic price tags on them.

So here is how I think the idea of Iwish came to life, years have passes and 52 Degrees suffered from the lack of things to offer and they came up with the iwish idea, a reality show to promote them and remind people of 52 Degrees but it actually back fired at them and ended up highlighting everything that is wrong in our community and how some businesses support the untalented shallow actors who claim they wanna build their career. I dont wanna make this post long so I’ll end it here and make room for your comment to express what i have might not mentioned.

What do you think of iwish ????



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May 23 2012

Want Drama?? Press Here

by Abdul-Aziz in Ads, TV

TNT just done this amazing live ad last month for their launch in Belgium, wonders what could happen if they do the same ad in Kuwait 😕

They manipulated the idea of which you don’t usually see public fist fights, gun battles, scantily clad women riding bicycles, and dead men being carried away by football players. but, actually, come to think of it, we’re not that far off. right??

To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. And then we waited… Discover here what happened or visit http://www.tnt-tv.be for more info.

TNT. We know drama.

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Apr 22 2012

Lets Copy & Paste

by Mohd in Bla Bla Bla, Kuwait

More and more our community is adapting to the philosophy of copy&paste, nowadays we are surrounded by copycats businesses coping others, bloggers coping from international sites ( without giving credits), newspapers & TV channels taking from the internet over looking the copy rights, singers taking lyrics or music intros from famous songs and the list goes on and on.

Most of those copy cats may argue ( and that what really pisses me off ) that they are only sharing with their fans or readers or viewers, of course they wont say that unless you confront them with the things they copied but if you dont they will keep on going through life bragging about their ( show, song, article or post) and how hard it was to come up with it. Let me just declare something, if you didnt give credit or reference in the beginning then now matter what you say you r still a copy cat & people are not dump, people notice but the majority of them do not confront them.



So i would just like to say a simple advice to those copy&paste philosophers, people are not as dumb as you think.






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Dec 29 2011

Define Awesome, Barney Stinson

by Abdul-Aziz in Bla Bla Bla, Fun, TV

Define Awesome, Barney Stinson

I had never been inspired by some TV character like this before, maybe just a little bit when i was like 6-9 yrs old by some cartoon characters (Sansheroo, Kabteen Majed & maybe Superman 😛 ) but ever since TV was just TV & nothing were special.

No woman “specially Kuwaiti’s” would like the fact that every guy in the world want to be Barney “the character” from How i meet your mother series

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Dec 18 2011

ناصر دويلة يقلد نادال ويصاب بشد عضلي على الهواء

by Abdul-Aziz in Fun

ناصر دويلة يقلد نادال ويصاب بشد عضلي على الهواء

خلال بث مباشر لقناة الوطن لبرنامج المشهد السياسي

يقولون انه نادال بايق الحركة من ناصر  😛

  ما يشوف شر

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Oct 26 2011

Crush it Seminar

by Mohd in Events, Internet

Crush it Seminar

Finally the day all of u and even us here at Q8 Blend been waiting for, the crush it seminar with Gary. The importance of social media and how u can brand ur self in order to grow ur business the key to all of that can be summarized in some points but of course no matter how i can describe it u need to read the book and should have attended the seminar so u may take full benefit of the knowledge to build and grow ur business.

well of course u need to have a good product or a service and then u start ur social media journey. In order to gain more customers and beat or actually CRUSH ur competitors simply u need to care more about ur customers, build a relationship between ur followers and ur company, dont be afraid of showing them that u r  a human with all ur political views and hobbies or even music passion just lets ur clients feel they r dealing with a human not just a machine. Dont just promote ur product or service, search the net on what do people care about or what issues they r facing related to ur business and start engaging with them, solve their problem make them feel that they matter to u even if they r not ur customers sooner or later people will come to u & they  r gonna be loyal customers and those r the people who will support ur business and help it grow more . So many companies spend a huge amount of money on TV commercials and printed adds while most customers or user r more into one to one service and dealing with humans rather than just reading of hearing an old fashion commercial.

People send more time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & many other social websites other than wasting their time watching commercials on TV or in the newspapers. All in all i cant tell how awesome gary was and how much useful info he gave to the one who attended the seminar and im so glad that we even had a private seminar ( Blogger & Gary ) in the morning before the official seminar began.

Finally i would like to thank Hind Al Naheth, Khalid Al Zanki & all the Sponsors of Crush It Seminar.

BTW during the break Zain & ElectroZan held a simple competition if i may call it so and gave a way some pretty good stuff for the attendees & i won with Zain 🙂 i wont say what i got & all i can say for now that its Sensational 😉 Special thank to Zain.

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