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May 02 2013

Nokia Making Fun Of Samsung & Apple’s War

by Mohd in Ads, Fun, Technology

Check out the latest commercial from Nokia trying to promote the Lumia 920 (Windows phone) while making fun of Samsung’s fan boys who most of them dont know that it runs Android :p  and Apple’s addicts.

We have seen this kind of approach last year when all of Samsung’s commercial were about the iPhone & few years back when Apple made their PC VS Mac commercial series, could this kind of approach work for Nokia & Windowsphone ???


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Apr 06 2013

How to Sync Your Contacts To Any Mobile Device

by Mohd in Tips

sync your contacts 619x578 How to Sync Your Contacts To Any Mobile Device


Its been a while since Blackberry z10 have been released and many having been having issues with migrating their contacts to the new Z10. What Im about to explain is not Z10 specific actually its the method i always use to keep my contacts synchronised across all my mobile phones which is pretty simple but unfortunately not explain much so no matter whether you are using a Blackberry, Android or iOS you may use this method to transfer your contacts between those platforms.

The first step you will need to do is to transfer all your contacts from your old phone to your PC or Mac using (iTunes, OutLook, Kies) depending on what you your old mobile is, its a bit of a hassle but trust it you wont have to suffer from it again.

Contacts 619x401 How to Sync Your Contacts To Any Mobile Device

Back on your PC open Outlook ( if you are using Windows) or Contacts application (if you are on a Mac) Go to File Export Contact vcf File. This option will export all your contacts in One file and please please try to remember where you are saving that file.

Gmail contacts  619x284 How to Sync Your Contacts To Any Mobile Device
Now go to your email account, I prefer using an email account that you dont have Contacts already stored in it so you dont mix up your mobile contacts with email contacts. I would highly recommend using Gmail, OutLook or Live cause through my experience they work great with syncing. Go to your email account and choose the Contact tab and choose Import Contact , when promoted choose the file you have saved in the previous step.

Gmail Contacts import 619x301 How to Sync Your Contacts To Any Mobile Device

Your contacts should be now saved on your email address and as you add your email to your new phone just choose to sync contacts & email



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Dec 05 2012

Windows Attacking Android

by Mohd in Technology

Windows Phone hitting Android e1354684740335 619x393 Windows Attacking Android

Windows phone official twitter account just tweeted the above, Im not gonna defend Android but Windows talking about security !!!!!!!!

WTF Did i read Windows Attacking Android

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Jun 21 2012

Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

by Mohd in News, Technology

402 Microsoft The Never Ending Embarrassment

Yesterday marked the preview of Windows 8 for mobile & of course the never ending war between Apple & Microsoft. Microsoft trying to take on Siri with their newest voice recognition software & no matter how hard i try to make myself believe that Windows could make a comeback the thought of errors and lags never left my mind. Check out the video and you will definitely know how Microsoft Siri embarrassed then by not responding to the first voice command






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Feb 28 2012

Mohd Going Ubuntu

by Mohd in Technology

Mohd Going Ubuntu

ubuntu flavours 619x371 Mohd Going Ubuntu


rage face 150x150 Mohd Going Ubuntu

Ive been so fed up with windows, with all the error notifications, lag & unresponsiveness its really annoying. I’m a Mac user as you all know but i have a windows laptop that i use for work related programmes like AutoCad & some other horrible out of date programs,

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Nov 19 2011

Asus Slimmest Windows LapTop

by Mohd in Technology

Asus Slimmest Windows LapTop

Asus U31X  Asus Slimmest Windows LapTopA friend of mine who is always travelling asked me whether i know a slim laptop really slim like the MacBook Air & of course the first thing that poped up in my mind is the MacBook Air but he didnt want to own a Mac OS coz his company uses some windows programs which is not available on Mac. I started searching for the best thin laptop that operates on windows & finally i found one by Asus.

windows slim laptop1 Asus Slimmest Windows LapTop

I wont talk about specs much coz as we all know no matter how powerful the processor & RAMS its a Windows and it wont get any faster than we r used too. What is really attracting about the Asus ZenBook is the thickness of 9 mm, i really liked the design its the first Windows laptop that when i hold it in my hand  i dont feel its made of some cheap kind of plastic. I recommended to my friend the Asus ZenBook and after he bought it i had a chance to test it for an hour or so but unfortunately i didnt take any pics or video coz i was so distracted trying to compare it to the MacBook Air. In my personal opinion it can never beat the Air but its suitable for those looking for a thin Windows laptop. Also u may check the video comparison between the 2 below.Asus U31X  Asus Slimmest Windows LapTop

Asus slim laptop 619x113 Asus Slimmest Windows LapTop

Asus vs macbook air 619x341 Asus Slimmest Windows LapTop

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Nov 02 2011

Nokia & Microsoft Mobile Nightmare

by Mohd in Technology

Nokia & Microsoft Mobile Nightmare

20111102 025738 Nokia & Microsoft Mobile Nightmare

Nokia finally revealed their newest baby from Microsoft the Nokia Lumia. Running on Windows 7.5 Mango Microsoft’s newest mobile OS which doesnt bring anything new to the user’s experience just a new interface for the old buggy windows phones. Didn’t Microsoft lean from their previous failures !!!!!!

Do u think anyone would buy such a device ?????

I don’t think so even if I got it for free I won’t waste my time on it, 2 horrible products combined together Nokia & Microsoft a mobile nightmare.

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