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Apr 28 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Prices In Kuwait

by Mohd in Info, Kuwait, Technology

Many have been asking me about the Galaxy S4’s price so here you go Galaxy fanboys check the prices down below. I must mention that the prices below are for the 3G model NOT the LTE plus no matter where you buy it from I would highly recommend getting Albabtain warranty cause I had a horrible experience with Wahran’s unprofessional workshop staff.

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Oct 24 2012

@Mada_Kuwait ISDN Service Review

by Mohd in Internet, Tips

Mada have offered us an ISDN service to test and make use of their portable landline included in their package.We’ve received it since Ramadan and it might seem late to publish a review now but the past period was a torture testing period for their service. I wanted to make sure that internet service would be reliable in most residential areas in Kuwait. Since Mada is a wireless internet provider internet speed may vary according to the area, although they have their own coverage area table i just wanted to run my own tests. You may check it on their website Here coz the table down below represents my own testing results.

Mada ISDN service comes with a portable landline that could be so appropriate for small businesses, of course the landline works fine for receiving and making calls  so basically nothing to test other than call quality and as i mentioned before its fine. Now for the their internet service, one issue that may be annoying to some users that the router has to be near a window to get the best signal available in your area. Basically you have to run a speed test next to each window in your house to know exactly the best place for the router. Some times the best place for the router is not the best place for you but that is something you have to bare with especially when using a wireless internet provider. Due to my personal horrible experience with Fasttelco & QualityNet i began to favour wireless net providers (Zain,Viva & Mada) although it might not be as stable in connection speed but at least they have a qualified technical staff for support rather than Fasttelco who always claim that your house wiring is the problem or coz you use a Mac not windows, i could go on and on talking about how horrible their service is and their support. Dont get my wrong that im bashing them now coz of Mada but i couldnt help remembering their stupidity anyway back to our topic. Below you will find a table i gathered with the help of my friends testing the internet speed in various areas and the speed mentioned in the table is the average speed taken mostly 2 to 3 times a day, the main purpose of this table is just to get an idea on the connection speed. Since its a wireless provider speeds may vary also your house location versus their tower would have a huge effect of the speed you might experience so take it with a grain of salt dont totally rely on it coz each location in the same residential area may experience different speed.


Finally i would like to thank Mada for the ISDN service & of course my friends who helped alot in the making of this test (Thanks Guys 🙂 )

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Jul 06 2012

Best Galaxy S3 Ad @zainkuwait

by Mohd in Design, Kuwait


I believe this is the best Ad I’ve seen for the Galaxy S3 in Kuwait by Zain, it’s in the avenues &  its definitely an eye catcher.


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May 24 2012

Pre-order Galaxy S III @Zainkuwait

by Mohd in Ads


For all the Android and Samsung fans out there:

Zain is happy to announce the launch of “Galaxy SIII” pre-ordering campaign on Zain website. We’re sure you have already heard or read about the fascinating features of this device, which will be available in two colors; white & Blue. However, launch date & prices will be announced at a later stage inshallah.

Click HERE for Arabic or HERE for English to preorder your Galaxy SIII


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Oct 26 2011

Crush it Seminar

by Mohd in Events, Internet

Crush it Seminar

Finally the day all of u and even us here at Q8 Blend been waiting for, the crush it seminar with Gary. The importance of social media and how u can brand ur self in order to grow ur business the key to all of that can be summarized in some points but of course no matter how i can describe it u need to read the book and should have attended the seminar so u may take full benefit of the knowledge to build and grow ur business.

well of course u need to have a good product or a service and then u start ur social media journey. In order to gain more customers and beat or actually CRUSH ur competitors simply u need to care more about ur customers, build a relationship between ur followers and ur company, dont be afraid of showing them that u r  a human with all ur political views and hobbies or even music passion just lets ur clients feel they r dealing with a human not just a machine. Dont just promote ur product or service, search the net on what do people care about or what issues they r facing related to ur business and start engaging with them, solve their problem make them feel that they matter to u even if they r not ur customers sooner or later people will come to u & they  r gonna be loyal customers and those r the people who will support ur business and help it grow more . So many companies spend a huge amount of money on TV commercials and printed adds while most customers or user r more into one to one service and dealing with humans rather than just reading of hearing an old fashion commercial.

People send more time on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & many other social websites other than wasting their time watching commercials on TV or in the newspapers. All in all i cant tell how awesome gary was and how much useful info he gave to the one who attended the seminar and im so glad that we even had a private seminar ( Blogger & Gary ) in the morning before the official seminar began.

Finally i would like to thank Hind Al Naheth, Khalid Al Zanki & all the Sponsors of Crush It Seminar.

BTW during the break Zain & ElectroZan held a simple competition if i may call it so and gave a way some pretty good stuff for the attendees & i won with Zain 🙂 i wont say what i got & all i can say for now that its Sensational 😉 Special thank to Zain.

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Aug 10 2011


by Mohd in Events


As usual Zain wanted to enjoy Ramadan with others so they organized a ‘3abga with bloggers . What really matters in this gathering or ‘3abga is the atmosphere of the place they chose for the ‘3abga Bait Al-Sadu (House Of Traditional Weaving) which considered one of historical places in K-town. The gathering was about connecting with bloggers & sitting all together talking and sharing our thoughts with zain in a dewaneya (if i may call it that) or a cozy home surrounding. Zain’s CEO could not make it but some of Zain’s upper management were there to talk and socialize with bloggers about anything and everything.

What really made the evening wonderful is the old kuwaity atmosphere where every one wore Deshdasha or Dara3a, i actually felt like im in an old kuwaiti TV series and trust me that is THE most wonderful thing especially when u r surrounded by fellow bloggers and bloggerettas.

Of course Zain could not let us go without giving us this wonderful gift 😉 

 Thanks to Zain & Omar Al-Omar for the lovely evening & special thank to Mohammed Al-Mehini & Nasser for their effort in organizing & taking care of every one.







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Jun 16 2011

Zain’s Samsung Galaxy S II

by Mohd in News, Technology

Zain brings the new Samsung Galaxy S II into all their branches today.

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