Dec 19 2012

YouTube Rewind 2012

by Abdul-Aziz in Celebrities, Fun, Music, Video

How many YouTube stars can you fit in one video!? well all of the 2012 can fit in

Most, if not all of 2012′s most popular YouTube personalities are here: Walk off the Earth, AlphaCat, KassemG, MysteryGuitarMan, DeStorm, Freddie Wong, RealAnnoyingOrange, Rhett and Link, Felicia Day, iJustine, DailyGrace, EpicMealTime,  MyHarto of Drunk Kitchen fame, Jenna Marbles, and many more.

Most of the video seems to be based on Psy’s Gangnam Style song, which would make sense given that it’s YouTube’s most popular video and could reach 1 billion views any day now.

I think this is somehow entertaining.

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  3. Ismail N December 19, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Really a fun video to watch, thanks for sharing!

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